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About us

Rai World is the company responsible for managing the international area of the Group according to the guidelines of the new Business Plan. Rai is Italy’s state-owned radio and television broadcaster and leader in the country's media market.

As required by the Italian Radio and Television Act, Rai World has an innovative public service mission, aimed at strengthening the image of Italy worldwide. By distributing and producing a wide range of channels, Rai World aims at supporting and promoting an understanding of Italy through its current affairs, history, culture, economy, traditions, customs and events, promoting and highlighting Italy’s incomparable artistic heritage.

The audience targeted by Rai World includes: the substantial and long-standing Italian communities worldwide; the many Italians who travel abroad for business or pleasure; Italian overseas residents; the growing number of Italians living in Italy who are interested in discovering the country’s unexplored beauties; lastly, the vast audience of travellers who are interested in Italy yet do not speak the Italian language.

Rai World will be operating globally over all continents, but will be concentrating particularly on countries where the interest for Italy is the greatest and where “Made in Italy” means quality, tradition and hospitality. As well as catering to a traditional viewing audience, Rai World also targets new multimedia audiences; our programmes are available not only via satellite and cable TV but can also be accessed from other distribution platforms: IpTv, Web TV and Mobile TV.
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